We spend money on many things we don't want to. Why not spend it on a dream?

Finest guitar training in the Bay Area!


Start off on the right note

It's easy to get overwhelmed when learning the guitar. Let me show you exactly how to succeed!


Music has no age barrier

Accepting all ages on acoustic or electric guitar.



In-person Lessons

The finest guitar instruction available in San Jose and Santa Clara. In-person lessons allow us to interact like music was intended. This experience is a critical component to becoming the guitar player you always dreamed. 

Skype Lessons

Don’t live in San Jose? No problem, my studio is equipped with HD cameras and high quality audio for the best possible video experience.  It’s the next best thing to being in the same room!

Free Video Lessons

On a regular basis I create videos specifically for my private students, so don’t be surprised if you get a shout out in my next video!


Check in for updates, pictures, gear, reviews, recommendations,  student achievements, and much more!

My unique high performance lessons are changing the way people learn music. It’s like crossfit meets guitar. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to turbo charge your guitar playing!


Online Learning

Don’t live in the Silicone Valley? No problem, I offer the finest Skype lessons on the Internet. I have a ton of digital material that I hand out throughout the course of our lessons. Online learning is a convenient way to study music. It works great for intermediate and advanced players. Still not sure? Contact me for a free introductory lesson and see for yourself! Don’t waste your precious time. Let me help you speed up your learning. I’ve taught thousands of people from all ages and backgrounds. I specialize in helping students focus and build skills that empower them to teach themselves.

Chris is an artist who combines discipline with creativity. He managed both the music and the photography for our wedding and the outcome was amazing. As is typical with weddings, we were overwhelmed with the planning. Because of our confidence in Chris we were able to turn both functions over to him and with very little input he was able to discern our style. He didn’t miss a detail and everything was flawless. He and his band were fabulous and the photography speaks for itself. His calm style and his wicked sense of humor made the photo shoot efficient and fun. We think his candid shots are the highpoint. The music MADE the reception and the photography captured the moments perfectly.

Brad and Kate Frey

I have had several guitar instructors over the years, some that go too deep, some that are too high level and others that just like to show how talented they are. Chris digs into my goals and helps me be the type of guitarist I want to be. We can start from theory, a song or just free form jamming and there is always a lesson that can be gained which helps expand my musical knowledge in a way that is impactful and meaningful to me

Thomas DeMeo, @tedemeo

I have been taking lessons from Chris for two years now. He is very professional and with his patient and easy going manner, I never would have thought I could have progressed as much as I have since I began taking lessons from Chris. Learning to play can be difficult at times and He understands and makes the difficult become easy!

Don M. Half Moon Bay

I had been trying to teach myself guitar for a few years, but eventually just hit a wall. That’s when I called Chris. He is an amazing teacher. Not only did he undo the bad playing habits I picked up, but he also helped me establish a strong foundation in guitar and music theory. Each lesson was something to look forward to, as Chris taught me the songs that I wanted to play. From Zeppelin to Hendrix, SRV to Slash, he showed me not just the proper notes to hit, but the playing style unique to each player and song. Then each lesson circled back to guitar fundamentals and techniques to practice so I could develop my own voice. To top it all off, Chris is also a pretty cool guy. Lessons would just fly by because of his easy-going and friendly demeanor. Sometimes we wouldn’t even start a lesson until having had a thorough conversation about guitars, amps and effects… even photography!

Paulo L.

I am 35 years old. I have never played an instrument. I decided to buy a guitar, but I was nervous to get started. I started lessons with Chris approximately 5 months ago, and it has been great! Chris has made me feel comfortable since the first lesson. I am improving my technique on a weekly basis, thanks to Chris' one-on-one instruction. Thanks again Chris, you are the man!

Kyle C.

Chris is a talented guitarist and teacher. He has a very friendly demeanor and easy to connect with which makes people feel comfortable. Chris was able to see where I was, where I wanted to go musically, and is helping me reach my goals. He's able to see where I'm having trouble and shows me how to break through. Chris helps me find the fun in learning new material rather than playing the same stuff over and over. I always leave my lesson feeling uplifted and excited to keep progressing. Highly recommended!!

Nate P.

I have been taking lessons from Chris for a little over a year. He is a great teacher and I have learned a ton. He explains music theory particularly well and he has me design my own practice program that is making me a better guitar player. He is also very flexible and encouraging. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to play.

Susie B.

I decided to pick up the guitar later in life and thought I could learn on my own. It soon became clear that a good teacher would be necessary if I didn’t want to develop bad habits and I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Chris. In a relatively short time Chris taught me the fundamentals of guitar technique and my playing started to improved noticeably. I really liked that Chris strongly emphasized playing songs as that’s the ultimate goal, but he has also taught me the necessary theory I need to gain a greater understanding of the guitar and music in general. Although he’s a great player, Chris is able to really relate to his students' struggles to improve and often shares useful anecdotes from his own learning experiences. I can’t recommend Chris highly enough as both a teacher and motivator.

Andrew C.

Over the years I have had many different teachers and tried many different books and videos in attempting to achieve the goal of playing the guitar. With Chris's help, I am finally learning to play the guitar. Chris is a fun, affirming, and patient teacher who has honed his craft through his own hard work and passion for music. I'm always amazed at how I can bring a song to Chris and he can instantly hear the chords, the rhythm, and the structure of the song. More importantly, he is able to take the complexities of a song and translate it to fit the playing ability of the student. Chris not only encourages students to record parts of the lesson for practice, but he also has online resources that help students continue to progress outside of the lesson time.

Steve S.

I have been taking lessons from Chis for about 2 years now and truly enjoy his teaching style. He is extremely knowledgeable and helps me break down songs in manner that is easy to learn. In addition to this he is very flexible with my busy schedule and always finds time for me. I can't say enough good things about Chris and would highly recommend him!

John M.

Chris is very positive, supportive, approachable and instructive as a teacher. He is also an expert in playing guitar and music theory. I had been playing guitar off and on for a long time, but I did not have a clue about music theory. He has enabled me to become a better guitar player, by integrating his teaching of music theory, rhythm, scales/modes through learning new songs. This has opened up a new world to me for guitar. His lesson are also a lot of fun!

Allen M.

I've been taking lessons from Chris for about five years now. He is a great motivator, and keeps the lessons fun and interesting. Playing the guitar has always been a dream and Chris has made that dream come true. If you are looking for a teacher to help with your musical aspirations, Chris is your guy.

Clayton D

As a self-taught guitarist for years I was tired of falling into my own clichés. Chris opened me to the near infinite possibilities in music and the rare quality of being able to teach it painlessly (well at least for me).

Vincent L.

I began lessons with Chris over two years ago. He listens to my goals, evaluates my needs, and customizes my lessons and practice plans. Chris helps me find the enjoyment in learning to play the guitar

Rebecca Pounds

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“I think a good teacher needs to possess not only a great love for the content, but also a love for the process of helping others engage that material. Learning an instrument can be difficult, however, through one-on-one instruction I can effectively communicate difficult concepts, provide instant feedback, and inspire students to reach their goals.”