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Check out this fun photo contest

One of my favorite photoshop site is phlearn.com. Arron Nace is a master at photoshop and I’ve learned a lot of advanced technique from him. Each week phlearn.com has a photo contest and when I saw they had a  fun photo theme I imediatly thought of this image. With all the great photographers out there I wasn’t sure if this image would get selected. To my surprised is was selected as one of the winners. It’s an honor to be selected since they get hundreds of entries each week. Enjoy!


Ahh bummer! They took down the video. I am still happy I won!

Christopher O'Hara

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Musician, photographer, educator, and humor connoisseur.BA Music Engineer Berklee College of Music. MBA San Jose State University. Professional musician, photographer, and teacher. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Helping people is my passion.

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