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Your left hand is not the problem!

I see many beginner and intermediate guitar players focus too much on their left hand. Now the left is obviously something we all need to work on, however it’s important to work on micro movements in the right hand. Most of our problems stem from sloppyness in our right hand. We get too focused on minimizing left hand movements and completely neglect our right hand. So in this lesson we focus on the right hand. I want you to watch your right hand as much as possible while you play through this exercise. It’s designed to challenge even the seasoned pro. Start SLOW!!!!. Yeah yeah yeah Chris I know. Let me repeat myself, Start SLOW!!! I see waaaaay too many students think they are playing things slow when in fact they are playing at speeds few pros can execute. So don’t rush through this and call it a day. Really look at any extra movements that are unnecessary and try to fix them. I guarantee you will start to play things much faster, cleaner, and your tone will improve. Get on it!!!!


  1. Review the tab and get an idea of the chords you will use.
  2. Remember to play SLOW
  3. Look at the right-hand pattern. Study the shape of the pattern
  4. Remember to play SLOW
  5. Start with all downstrokes looping one chord at a time.
  6. Remember to play SLOW
  7. Loop two chords together
  8. Remember to play SLOW
  9. Loop 4 chords together
  10. Remember to play SLOW
  11. Play through entire exercise not worrying about mistakes.
  12. Remember to play SLOW
  13. Repeat daily for 5min

Download TAB: Picking Excercise

Christopher O'Hara

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