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Play the right note

Stop guessing and start learning

Learning new things doesn’t have to be hard you just have to know where to start.


Faster than a speeding bullet

My unique high performance lessons are changing the way people learn music. It’s like crossfit meets guitar. Fasten your seatbelt and turbo charge your guitar playing.

The lesson is never over

Students who sign up for lessons have access to my office hours where I give instant feedback and answer questions. Office hours are done through video chat or IM. No more waiting for the next lesson to get your questions answered.

Materials and materials and materials oh my!

As a student you will get a wide range of  materials that will help reinforce the topics I cover in the lesson. I have thousands of  guitar PDF/tabs for you to print or view on your tablet!

Applying it

Student assignments are organized around the style of music they wish to learn. No more “Ode To Joy ” or “Twinkle Twinkle”. During each lesson I determine exactly what the student needs to practice. My main objective is to get students playing music not exercises.  

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“If you don’t like your lesson I will reimburse every penny!”

-Christopher O’Hara

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Repertoire (learning your favorite songs)
Technique (build speed and accuracy)
Music Theory
Chord Progressions
Reading music
Cool licks
How to get the most out of practicing
Ear-training (learn music by ear)
Recording Techniques (learn how to record your music)
Guitar, Amp, and FX setup   


When you first decide to learn guitar you may start by scouring the internet for answers. You come across all these beautiful sites that give you all kinds of ideas. However you become more confused and overwhelmed by all this information. When you read information from many different sources there becomes no connection between ideas. You end up getting lost. Moreover, all these ideas appear to becoming from people who seem to know what they are doing. It becomes hard to differentiate one from the other. You end up not knowing what order to do anything. Everything seems to be equal from everything else. At this point you start to feel frustrated which leads to a belief that you can’t do it. Playing guitar becomes a distant hope.

Students often say they have no musical talent.  The first thing I ask my students is “Do you like music?” and they always reply “I love music!”.  I say to them then you have talent to play music. I full-heartedly believe that if you love listening to music you have an  inherent ability to understand melody, harmony, and rhythm. If you love music then you have the talent to play it!!

Who needs private lessons?

What is your time worth? There is no reason to waste your valuable time on searching for answers in an ocean of bad information. I hear new clients say they spend hours trying to figure out how to play the guitar.  I tell them to stop wasting time and let me show you exactly how to practice and what to study. I have taught hundreds of people and my experience has taught me where students struggle and how to overcome major road blocks.

Sometimes students just need a few tweaks to get them off in the right path. For example, I constantly see students hold the pick incorrectly. I’ve seen dramatic results with a few simple alterations to pick technique.

Who can I help?

The kind of student I am looking for are those who have a passion for music and learning. Learning music/guitar is a substantial commitment even if you want to play simple campfire songs. Regardless of how dedicated you are there will be weeks you won’t have much time to practice. We all experience busy weeks, but it’s imperative to keep momentum going in your education. I cover a lot of material during the lessons so all I ask is the student be prepared to learn. Sometimes I cover concepts that may require no practice at all.

I like weekly lessons because it keeps the students motivated, keeps them accountable, and sustains engagement. I do offer bi-monthy lessons or even the occasional one-off lesson to busy professionals, but I strongly encourage (for the greatest success) to enroll in weekly lessons. I am happy to work with your schedule so no more excuses!

Confused by music theory? 

I have a proven method that will guarantee you will understand music theory. You will learn how to apply it musically to your own songwriting or improvisation. The basics of music theory will allow you to learn music faster and better. You will  experience greater results from your practice sessions and know exactly what to play during those impromptu jam sessions.

No rhythm?

If you feel like you have no rhythm it’s because you’re not thinking about in the right way. There is no easy solution, but I will teach you a method that will allow you to feel more confident in your rhythm playing. The steps I walk you through will completely transform your playing. You cannot ignore rhythm regardless of the type of guitar player you want to become so why not get good at it!

What about Chords?

There is no reason to buy a chord book with thousands of different chords. I will show you exactly the chords you need to know. Moreover, I will show you how to create chords without having to refer to a book or the internet.

Not sure you will like guitar?

Most music stores have both electric and acoustic guitars for rent. Monthly rental prices vary between $25-$40. To get a feel for learning the guitar I recommend taking a couple months of lessons. The first couple of months will be a lot of information, but I will design a specific practice routine that is geared towards music you like.