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Photography Lessons

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It's easy to get overwhelmed when learning the guitar. Let me show you exactly how to succeed!

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Accepting all ages on acoustic or electric guitar.

Learning new things doesn’t have to be hard you just have to know where to start.




We all have our own unique way of seeing the world around us. The ability to document our life through fine art photography is extremely rewarding. Your first print after taking lessons will give you chills. You will learn to look at everyday life in a whole new way.


Learn every step to create your masterpiece. Basic to advance techniques in Lightroom, Photoshop, Nik, Topaz, Photomatix, and many more.


I will show you how to take pictures in the most difficult lighting situations. Learn how to prepare for every photo opportunity. I will talk about essential gear and what gear you are better off renting.


Understanding the entire digital workflow is critical for creating great images. Learn everything about your camera and the gear you need to make stunning images. No more being confused over all the scattered information on the internet. Save time, money, and frustration as I walk you through exactly what you need to know. I will discuss technical and creative techniques that will help you bring your creative vision to fruition . Learn how a scene will look in Photoshop and what technical and creative decisions you need to make. I make every lesson fun and exciting and guarantee my lessons won’t be boring or dull.


I am convinced you will enjoy learning photography, but if you’re on the fence about signing up for lesson I am happy to give you a 15-20 minute introductory one-on-one session  for free. Just email me with  “Introductory Session” in the subject and I’ll set up an appointment with you. Nothing to loose!



“If you don’t like your lesson I will reimburse every penny!”

-Christopher O’Hara

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