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  • Ron Walthall says:

    Hey Christopher, Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your video of how to play Rain Song by LZ. Your video was so well done and at exactly the perfect pace and detail for us students to follow along. God bless talented guys like you that take your time and knowledge to share with all of us. I’m 61 years old, been in bands, studio, etc and lived through the LZ days in person, but have recently rediscovered the true magical genius of this old school band. Back in my day, they wore LZ music out on the radio, etc. and I simply got immune & tired of it – hearing it so much. Lately I stumbled upon a video of Robert Plant and Jimmy playing Rain Song and other hits with London Orchestra & am now blown away at such talent they have. So cool to learn one of their most unique songs – along with your help. Thank you again for your video and keep picking and grinning! – Ron Walthall

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