This 5 day guitar practice schedule shows you how to create exercises using popular songs. For this first week I am using the Redemption Song by Bob Marley.

These daily exercises are designed to help you understand the process of learning a song’s fundamental patterns and techniques. It’s important to break down songs like this and work on repeating phrases over and over until the hand develops the correct muscles memory. Moreover, it’s designed to keep you focused during your daily practice routine. This method of practicing should be applied to other materials you’re working on.

How to use these worksheets and audio:

  • First look through the daily exercises. Work out any tough areas before you play with the recording
  • Once you feel comfortable with the notes it’s time to play with the recording
  • The object is to play-a-long with the recording without stopping!!
  • Don’t worry about mistakes, just keep going. What ever you do don’t stop!!
  • I would recommend downloading and printing out the music.
  • Each day is about 10-12 minutes long. It’s designed to help with your endurance.

For a full lesson on Redemption Song check out my video lesson.

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